Saturday, October 11, 2014

Destroying Disorder

I’ve heard it said that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I’m not sure if you can pin it to that exact number of days, but I certainly think there is some truth to it.  Since the end of August, I have been trying to create a habit of organization in my home and in my own mind.  Slowly but surely, I think it is working. 

Ever since I bought my house and really started living in it, I have felt increasingly disorganized.  Throw in the hectic theatre schedule that was added a couple of years ago, and I had a recipe for disaster.  I felt like I was never home for more than 20 mins. at a time other than the time I was sleeping.  When I’d get home, I’d have no desire to clean or organize or prepare for the next day.  My whole life seemingly has turned into a juggling act… and I can’t juggle.

I also added a new hobby to my list recently, scrapbooking.  While that is something that I can do at home, it certainly is not a minimalist hobby.  It requires a lot of stuff… and stuff equals clutter if I’m not organized and on top of my game.

I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the state of my house and consequently, my brain.  I don’t want to give up my fun hobbies.  Theatre keeps me social, and scrapbooking keeps me feeling artsy (or at least crafty… is there a difference?). 

So what’s a girl to do who grew up with a super organized/clean mother and now feels like she lives in a hoarder’s house (even though anyone else who comes into it would say the exact opposite)?

She comes up with a plan to overhaul life!

Over the next few weeks (hopefully with at least some consistency), I’m going to be posting about what I’ve been doing to organize my life, from my schedule, to my home, to this blog.  I’ve been getting tons of ideas from various places around the internet, and I’m ready to put them into action.  With any luck, I can update you periodically about how my new systems are working out for me, and hopefully if you're looking for ways to get more organized, it'll help you out, too.

First up: My inspiration.  Stay tuned.

Question:  What are your tips for staying organized?  Do you have a system?  Are you just a naturally organized person that just never loses things or forgets an appointment?  If you are, I'm sorry to say that I resent you, just a little. :-)


  1. Love your plan! Can't wait to see what you share!

    Other people tell me that I am organized, but oftentimes I don't feel that way. You should see my desk right now. Ugh. It is hard to concentrate. I usually have to spend some time tidying up my desk before I can get to my work. I did just buy my 2015 planner, which I'm super excited about. Geek? Yeah, maybe. :)

  2. I totally understand this! I have always been super organized, but add in all the STUFF we have, plus buying a small house without a ton of storage, and it's like... HELP!!!! We are decluttering like crazy & also adding shelves & trying to come up with cool organization plans. :) Ha. Wishing you the best of luck!! :)


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