Saturday, October 18, 2014

Organization Inspiration

Last week, I confessed my obsession with scrapbooking and organizational YouTube videos.  I know, I'm a sad, pathetic individual, but they make me happy, so I don't care.  For years when YouTube was first out, I never got into it.  I'm not into watching clips of old TV shows, or people doing stupid stuff, or talking dog videos.  Yeah, those things are funny, but I'd rather learn something when I'm watching any kind of TV or videos.

I'm not going to share my scrapbooking inspiration today, but rather my organization inspiration.  I really only have two women whose videos I love to watch.  I think their personalities are equally as appealing as their tricks and tips to organization.  They are both fun to watch and just seem like ladies I would like to be friends with.

You Tube: Dispatches from the Frathouse
The first woman whose video series I discovered was Carie Harling.  She is the mother of 7 boys.  Yes, you read that right, 7 boys!!  I can't even...  I don't really know her whole back story at this point (apparently she is writing a book) but her personality is so adorable and her hair changes every time I watch a video!  I like her a lot, and I can see why she is a person who needs a million paper planners.  I can't imagine keeping up with 7 children, let alone all boys who play sports, are learning to drive, have jobs, girlfriends, etc.  Anyway, Carie's videos are pretty much all about paper planning.  Her life is a far cry from mine and I can't even fathom all the planning she does in a day, but she does give good advice for being more efficient in any stage you are in.

YouTube: Organized Like Jen
Jen is probably my favorite of all the organization "gurus" I've seen on the interwebs.  She does do paper planner videos, but she is more about overall organization in life.  I get tons of practical tips from someone who is more like me.  She's married and works for herself and is a housewife, so while she does need to be organized and keep a planner or two, it's not quite as involved as Carie, who has to run the show for 9 people.  That being said, I can identify with Jen just a little bit more.  She gets anxious in spaces that are cluttered and overwhelming.  She may not work outside the home or have kids to schedule into her day, but she is busy regardless, and needs to be just as organized as the next person.

I really advise you to take a look at these two ladies' blogs and YouTube videos if you're looking for ways to schedule more efficiently or just organize your house and other personal spaces (Jen will even teach you how to pack more efficiently for trips!  I like that!)  They are both super cute and real. I want to be their friend.

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