Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Daily 27-31. The End.

Wow!  I made it!  Doing the FMS Photo-a-Day Challenge during the month of December was so fun.  I'm going to try to keep it up through much of next year, but I'm not going to make any promises.  I may just use the prompts as inspiration for one of my resolutions (coming tomorrow!)

I plan to put all these photos in my Project Life Album for 2014.  I'm hoping to get together some Christmasy themed embellishments and start on that in January.  We'll see how that goes, though.

Happy New Year, everyone!
Day 27. I like...
Coffee and wine!  My friend Kim got me this cute little plaque for Christmas.  I thought it went well near my coffee maker, because it is the only reasonable substitution for wine when you don't want water (okay, tea works, too).

 Day 28. Book
I've had this book for my entire life (or at least as long as I can remember).  I love using it as decoration during the Christmas season, and as you can tell, it's been well loved over the years.

 Day 29. I could you less of this...
This prompt stumped me, but I saw this box of tissues on my desk and thought, "I could use less of the winter cold."  At the time, I actually didn't HAVE a cold... but now I do.

 Day 30. Us
I don't have anyone willing to take a picture with me in my house, so I decided to take a picture of these two little Santas.  One is the Slovakian Santa, the other an Irish Santa... they represent my family's heritages (i.e. US).

 Day 31. My Best Bit of 2014
On the last day of December, I reflected back on my year and found that my year was really all about theatre.  These are 4 of the posters from the shows I acted in this year.  I was actually in 5 shows, but don't have a poster for the first one.  Whoa!  Makes me tired just thinking about it.  I love it, though.  Here's to a similar 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As 2014 Ends

2014 was really an interesting year for me, but not always in the ways I would like.  I have to say that I am really ready for 2014 to come to a close.  I went into the last couple of months feeling really down.  A really sucky thing happened a couple of months ago, and it has just colored every day from then on... but you know what?  I'm done with that!  I am not going to let one situation overshadow all the good that DID come out of 2014.  Sure, this wasn't my most fantastic year, but there were plenty of "firsts" for me and I should really feel good about my year.  In order to keep things in perspective, I'm going to do a little rundown of the good in 2014.

Sidenote: Any production photos in this post are credited to Wynne Jenkins in conjunction with hobnob theatre co.  Wynne and Hobnob have given the actors permission to share these photos, which is so lovely of them!

It really seems like I've been with Hobnob for a long time, so as I look back, it's hard to believe that I've only been acting with them since March of 2014.  My first experience with them was doing a dramatic staged reading of "Julius Caesar".  I have to admit, I was a little unsure of this when Kenny (our director) first asked me.  I had never seen a staged reading, and I definitely didn't know what would be expected of me performing in one.  It turned out to be a really fun and interesting experience!  I wouldn't mind doing one again.  I didn't know it then, but some of these crazy kids would become some very good friends of mine this year.  Some of them still intimidate me.

(oh, in case you're wondering from this teeny pic, I'm the 5th one from the right.  See the tiny girl with long hair?  That's me!)

In April, I participated in what ended up being probably my last Sing Hosanna production.  It was a "Jesus play" and a couple of my friends from church participated with me.  It was fantastic to get to know them better on a personal level, but the experience overall (of the show) was not my favorite and I came to realize that I had to be done with that group.  At this point, I cannot see myself working with them again, but one never knows.  I don't have any pictures of this production because I couldn't get the permissions from everyone who was in my photos.

Also in April, some friends and I went to visit another friend from college.  She and her husband opened a coffee house in their city, and it's doing tremendously well!  It was great to see them and to see all their hard work paying off.  I wish we lived closer so I could stop by the coffee shop on a regular basis, but alas, it will have to be a place for special occasions.  While there, we also celebrated two of our birthdays at a cool, quirky restaurant.  The food (and drinks) were delicious!

I saw a friend play Sally in "Your a Good Man Charlie Brown" and she did a fantastic job!  I knew she was talented, but Sally was the perfect role for her and I was impressed by the whole production.
Isn't she adorable!?  This is pretty much how she is in real life, too.  I just love her so much!

In June, I "ran" in my first (and probably last) Run or Dye event.  My 16 year old cousin and one of my good friends ran it with me, and it was great to connect with them, but the actual race was too crowded and I discovered how tough trail running is when you've only run on pavement.  I've since hurt my knee a bit and even though it's healed, I'm not sure I'm going to risk it anymore.  More mild exercise for me from now on!

My friend Erin came for a visit from NC in July and we met at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  It was a great opportunity to catch up, and to practice my photography skills.

In July, my uncle came to visit from Georgia and I ended up taking an unplanned "staycation" for an entire week.  It was a really fun week of boating, exploring Pittsburgh and just hanging out.  The weather was gorgeous the whole time!

Probably one of the most exciting things this year was being cast as Snout in my favorite Shakespeare play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  Not only that, but it was also the first Shakespeare in the Park experience in our community and it received rave reviews.  The community really rallied around the idea and is hoping for a repeat of the experience this summer... I hope I get to be a part of it if/when it
(photo credit: Wynne C. Jenkins)

(we had a Super Moon one night during our show, so we were taking pictures... not the best quality, but fun to do)

From August through September, I did a lot of outdoorsy things, which is very unlike me.  I went on nature walks with friends, went to a lot of fall festivals, and visited a winery where we sat outside and have a very Italian experience.

In October, my friend hosted a concert for her son in their home and I was thrilled to be able to attend.  I felt so "artsy" sitting in the living room of a beautiful home listening to these two guys on their guitars, drinking wine and eating cheese.  Classy and bohemian all at the same time.

On Halloween, I participated in another first for me.  I had a small part in an original play about Edgar Allan Poe and his works.  Even though I was only in a small section of the play, I enjoyed watching it and seeing the leads really get into their characters.  The guy who played Poe was fantastic!
(Photo credit: Wynne C. Jenkins)

Right after the close of our Poe play, I started rehearsals for "A Christmas Carol".  This is the first time I've ever gone from one play to another so quickly, but it was great.  I had no time to have withdrawal from Poe, and after such a dark, pretty depressing show as that, it was a complete 180 to start a Christmas show.  I had much more to do in this show, and I loved every minute of it.  The show went up on Dec. 19, the weekend before Christmas, and was wonderful.  I couldn't ask to be a part of a better theatre group, and I'm so glad they've been casting me so much this year.
Photo credit: Wynne C. Jenkins


Wow, after writing it all down, I can really see how much good there was in 2014.  I'm still ready to get going on 2015 and see what that brings, but now I'm not going to be so quick to say that 2014 was a bad year.  Far from it!  Yes, there were very cruddy things that happened towards the end of the year, but I am not going to focus on them.  I am trusting God to use those bad situations for good in my future, to learn from and to make room for more and better blessings in the years to come.  I'm ready to move onward and upward in 2015, to have more good times like those above, and to make memories with friends and family that I can remember for years to come.

Bring it on 2015!  I'm ready for you!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec. Daily 24-26 - Christmas Edition

Merry 3rd Day of Christmas everyone!  I think that's how it works... aren't the 12 Days of Christmas the time between actual Christmas and Epiphany?  I could look it up, but just tell me if I'm wrong there.

Either way, I'm still keeping up with my FMS Photo a Day challenge so I'm just going to get right to it.  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and are gearing up with your goals/resolutions/hopes & dreams for 2015.  I know I am!

Day 24: Color
My parents and I have a tradition where we drive around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  Since I sang in choir for all three of our church's Christmas Eve services this year, I didn't get home until 9:30.  Then we went over to my aunt's house to drop off presents for the twins (and I got a pretty nifty gift, too.  More on that later).  By the time we actually drove around, it was 11:00 and there wasn't much to see.  Oh well.  This house in my parent's neighborhood is always decorated to the hilt!  We also saw some on Christmas Day, so it worked out.

Day 25: Celebration
 A few years ago, my family opted out of the huge family get-togethers on the major holidays.  Since then, we've been spending it doing fun things with just the three of us, and let me tell you, it's awesome!  I love my family, but sometimes the chaos and forced conversation for hours on end is just a bit much.  This year, my parents and I went to a casino for dinner at one of their restaurants.  I had roast goose for the first time (tasted like dark meat turkey).  Then we went bowling at the same casino and I got my first "turkey" ever (that means three strikes in a row for all you non-bowlers out there).  It was a pretty stellar day.  Oh... these pics are grainy because I had to use my dumb cell phone camera.

 Day 26: Animal
This really has nothing to do with Christmas, but for today's prompt, I took a photo of my parents' kitty doing what she does best.  Sleep.  She looks like a kitten, but she's pretty old now, so this is her main activity. I joked on Christmas that I wondered what she would be doing to celebrate Christmas that day... this was most likely it.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

December Daily - Days 19-23

Now that I've come out of the haze of another show, I am hoping to get back to a bit of a regular posting schedule... but oh wait!  Now it's the holiday season, so who knows.

Before I get to the photos, though, I want to mention something that's been on my mind about my participation in theatre and my promotion of the shows I do.  I promote the shows I do because the cast always works hard to prepare a solid, worthy show to entertain our community and I want people to come and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  However, I don't ever want to make my friends feel obligated to see ME in these shows.  I had a discussion with someone recently that I should not be the one to promote shows or even talk about them with my friends, because it seems like I'm asking for people to come give me praise.  I understand where someone who is not involved in this type of activity might see it as vain, but let me assure you, that is not the case with me.  I don't want anyone to ever feel obligated to come see me in a show.  Believe me, I realize that I do upwards of 4 shows a year and to expect my friends to pay to see me in everything would be selfish.  I very heartily appreciate when my friends come to see the shows I do and love seeing my friends after the shows, BUT, I do not love you any less if you can't or don't want to come to something I'm in.  I understand!  I will continue to promote my shows because I want to entertain my community and my friends, but I love you all the same, even if you aren't in the audience.

Okay, that said, let's get to some pictures!

Day 19 - Something to be happy about...
As I said, I just came out of a very successful run of "A Christmas Carol".  I am very happy to have found such a wonderful theatre company to work with this year.  I am hopeful to be a part of many more of their productions in the years to come.  

Day 20 - Food
Would anyone like an inflatable turkey for dinner, or maybe some three year old, shellacked fruitcake?  Oh, the things we use for props.

Day 21 - This is Interesting
Theatre people are the most interesting people.  

Day 22 - 'Tis the season for... (and eating) Christmas cookies!  These came from my wonderful friend Alisha.  They are so yummy, but I have been disciplined and have only eaten a couple a day.

Day 23 - Tree
My real camera ran out of battery life this day, so I used my phone to take photos of my two trees.  My card tree has filled up quite nicely!  In fact, I rant out of space and have started having to put the rest in a box beside the tree.

I'm really enjoying this December Daily idea because it is making me document my month and keep a bit of the Christmas spirit alive in photo form.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Daily 16-18... Keep on Swimming

Hello there!  I am now fully engrossed in tech week for "A Christmas Carol" and if you know anything about theatre, you know that I am home just long enough to sleep.  Surprisingly, this tech week has been very low-key, despite me having to be onstage most of the show and having a costume change or two.  I think costume changes are my least favorite part of shows.  Well, that and having ten pounds of hairspray in and having to wash my hair for 20 minutes every night.  Those things are small potatoes, though.  I absolutely love doing theatre with this company I've finally found.  It's been awesome and I feel really in my element.

So enough babbling from me (goodness knows I don't really have the time for that!!).  Please enjoy my next few photos from my FMS Photo-A-Day challenge for December.

Day 16 - Beautiful
This is the only new photo I've taken so far this week (well, besides backstage photos)  I got this beautiful hot pink bird for my tree.  I'm really loving hot pink, sparkly things for my tree.  That's not really a traditional Christmas color, but I like being a little different.

Day 17 - Sunshine
This is an archived shot, because there is really no sunshine to be had in my part of the globe at this time of year.  This is from a summer trip to Pittsburgh with family.  I just love how blue the sky was that day.  I didn't even have to do any editing!

Day 18 - Sign
This is also an archived shot from the zoo this year.  I did a double-take when I saw the "Beware of Falling Deer" part of the sign.  I guess it did the trick.  (Sidenote: This ended up getting my most "likes" to date on the FMS Facebook Group.  This was a throw-away photo, too.  LOL!)

Aside from not being able to take or edit many photos this week, I'm glad I've been able to keep up with the Photo-A-Day challenge this month, despite my hectic theatre schedule.  I haven't really posted a lot of photos in the past few months, so even though they're not really new photos, they are still documenting my year nicely with new-to-the-web photos.

I hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit and having a lovely week!  I'll see you when I come out of the Victorian England rabbit-hole!

Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily Day 15 (A.K.A. Tech Week Begins!)

Today's prompt was "Super" on the FMS Photo a Day page.  I couldn't really think of anything interesting to take a photo of that would scream "super" in the traditional sense of "That's really super!"

Then I started planning my week.  I have been using Sunday nights to lightly decorate my weekly planner pages, just because it brightens my day to see a little color on my page and makes me feel slightly crafty.  As I was decorating and stamping my to-do list lines, I thought, "well, these lines will probably stay pretty much blank, because I should just write "TECH WEEK" all over the pages.

That's when I thought, "Getting ready for a SUPER busy week."  Bam!  Prompt done!

Yep, for an actor, tech week is a week where you really get nothing else in your personal life accomplished.  You go straight from work, grab something to eat (maybe) and head to the theatre.  Today is our first day, and it's the day when we finally work with all the prompts, flys, actual staging on the stage and not the rehearsal space... it can be a little crazy.  Thankfully, the show seems to be going really smoothly so far, so I have a feeling that tech week will go just about as smoothly as it can go.

Prayers would be appreciated this week, though.  A stomach bug's going around schools, so please pray that we all stay healthy, because nothing is worse than needing to throw up, hack up a lung, or... um... use the bathroom right in the middle of your scene!

OKAY!  I'm off!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Daily Days 12, 13, and 14!

Obviously, the whole posting everyday in December didn't work out, but I have been keeping up with posting a photo everyday, and for the most part, I've been taking a new picture everyday (except a few).

I've really been enjoying this Christmas season.  Being in Christmas play has really kept the Christmas spirit close to me.  I've had a tough second half of the year this year, but God has put some incredible people and experiences in my life to counteract the bad.  For every person who has cut me down and belittled me in the last few months (there's been more than I'm used to...) there's been 5 more who have built me up and made me feel loved.  I'm not generally an emotional person, but focusing on the joy of Christmas and having people and things keeping me busy has really helped me blot out the bad stuff.  

If you're in my area, come see "A Christmas Carol" this coming weekend!  It's a very, very good show.  I'll be sad when it's over.  I've met a lot of great people.

Day 12 - Skyline
This is an archived shot this week.  I visited my friend in Johnstown over the summer, and this was the view from their incline one night.  Beautiful!

Day 13 - Much Loved
I was having a hard time with this one, but then, as I was putting my Christmas cards on my new garland (for that purpose) on my tree in my craft room, I realized that these are all cards from much loved people in my life.  No other photo would do.

Day 14:  Drink

I have been on a hot tea kick this fall/winter.  Last night, I sat by my fake fire and my Christmas tree, drinking tea and watching YouTube waterccolor art tutorials.  I lead an exciting life, no?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Daily - Day 10 & 11

Even though I completely forgot to post yesterday, I feel oddly "settled" going through my last two weeks of rehearsal for "A Christmas Carol".  That probably won't hold true next week, as we'll be working until 10:00 every night, but this week, I've been able to keep up with my photos, my journaling, my doodles in my planner, and even got a request from a friend to paint her a picture after the show is over.  I haven't painted in ages, so I hope it turns out okay, but I'm confident that I can pull something off... I think.

Anyway, Happy Thursday and here are my Days 10 and 11 for you as we come to the end of our work week!  So close!

Day 10: Closed Door

I was having a hard time coming up with something for this prompt.  Luckily, Christmas gives an abundance of opportunities for photos and I found this little ornament from a friend a few years back.  The doors never stay open all the way, but usually stay ajar, where I can just peek at the manger scene inside.

Day 11: Something Red

I had a completely different idea in mind for this prompt, but in the end, I like the TWO I came up with.  The first one is what I eventually used as my main entry for this day in the FMS challenge, but the second one was really fun for me.  I do NOT like photos of myself, and hate selfies even more, however, I kind of like this photo of me in my ruby red lipstick feeling festive yesterday.

Monday, December 8, 2014

December Daily Day 8 and 9

Welcome back, ya'll!  I thought I'd link up with Ms. Tamar's The Good, Random, and Fun today.  I'm having fun taking photos for Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day group and calling it my December Daily "album".  I believe I will be printing all of these off and putting them in my Project Life album for 2014, since I didn't really do weekly spreads this year and want to have more things to show for it.

Anyway, here are my photos for Days 8 and 9 (I'm late getting 8 up and early with 9). 

P.S. If you want to see Days 1-7, feel free to scroll through my main bloggy-blog.  I love new visitors! 

Day 8: Simple Pleasure
This is actually an archived shot from a couple months ago from my cell phone, but it does capture the simple pleasure I get from cuddling with my parents' kitty.  She's getting older and I'm not sure how much longer we'll have her with us, so I take those opportunities when I can.

Day 9: Decoration
This one didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, technically, but I love that it showcases my favorite little corner of my house during Christmas.  The reason for the season and the sparkliness of the Christmas tree.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Daily - Days 6 & 7

Since I uploaded a planner decoration post yesterday, I left my December Daily from Saturday until today.

Day 6: Joy is...

Of course, joy is a feeling, but it is also a choice.  Personally, I've had a rough second half of 2014.  I could very easily let these issues tear me down and make me bitter.  Instead, I change my situation when I can, and if not, I try to change my attitude.  That's easier said than done in some circumstances, but at the very least, I try to find things within each day to be thankful for, and that brings me great joy.

On this day, I am thankful for the feeling of joy that this holiday season brings.  The color, the sparkly, and of course, the true meaning for our celebration is all cause to fill our hearts with joy.  Don't let the little troubles in life weigh you down.  Find joy in every day.

Day 7: Weekends are for...

Good times and good food with friends!  On Saturday I hosted a Christmas party for my book club and there was tons of food!  My friend brought and amazing cheese tray that I was absolutely in love with!  We always have a good time when our book club girls get together.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Decorating My Arc Planner

In my first paper planning post, I showed you my new Arc Discbound Planner in it's virgin state.  No frills, just gray. Gray is boring!  Well, actually gray is a nice accent color, but when I saw this planner and it was all gray... well, it just didn't do anything for me.

Hopefully you can see these well enough.  Perhaps I will pop in a few in their bigger state at the end.  Anyway, I'll explain each one, going from left to right.

1) I recently broke down and bought some Studio L2e Plan It stamps.  I saw them on a YouTube video a few months ago, but just wasn't sure if I wanted to spend money on them.  I decided to gift myself with them about a month ago, but of course, they were on back order.  They finally came in last week and I love them!

2) I wanted this set mainly for this "Hydrate" stamp.  That might sound funny, but I am trying to make sure I drink more water and I just got tired of drawing it in my notebook.  It's so much easier to stamp it and it looks so cute!

3) This is what my planner looks like without any decoration.  See how it is just a big gray page?  Boring!  It needs a little color.

4) I've mentioned before that I've just been using a notebook as a planner, but I've been really anxious to start using my new planner... but it doesn't actually start until January 2015.  To fix this problem, I printed out a monthly calendar from LimeTree Fruits (The owner's name is Raine!  How fun is that?) and taped it into the front of my new planner.  It's not the perfect fit, but I do like how colorful it is,

5) This is what I've done with my January page.  I tried to keep a silver and blue theme for the winter months, so it's still not terribly colorful, but it's still more colorful than gray.  Here's a bigger version.
It needs a little more, methinks, but I have time to work on it.  I'm thinking I might put something over on the side where the tiny calendars are.  I don't need those.  I need color!

6) I bought these little paperclips in the shape of cameras for my Project Life album, but that's on the backburner right now, so I tied a little ribbon to one and will use it as a page marker.  Cute, huh!?

7) I've seen various YouTubers use Project Life cards in their planners either as task pads or just for inspiration.  I recently bought a mini-pack of Christian Project Life cards, and found this one with one of my favorite verses on it, so it's going to go in my planner at least for the month of December. I need this reminder right now.

8) Last, but not least, just a little close up of some of the embellishments I used on my January page.  Snowflakes and sparkles!  Perfect for the dead of winter.

So that's my first planner decoration post.  What do you think?  What do you think I could add?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Live Theatre on TV - December Daily Day 5

Day 5: Me!

I was kind of dreading this prompt, because I hate selfies!  There's a lot of people doing really great photos of themselves, but I just can't do it.  It feels awkward to take my own photo, and it shows.

So, in the interest of trying to keep all these photos fairly current, I decided to take a "selfie" of what I was doing last night.  NBC showed a new live version of Peter Pan and I was really excited to watch it!  Actually, I was a bit reticent about it, because last year they did Sound of Music, and despite all the hype, I felt like it was a little underwhelming.  Peter Pan looked great, though, so I was hoping that it would be better.

It did not disappoint!  I'm sure, like everything else, there will be differing opinions on how well it was done, the changes they made to the original, etc. etc, but I really loved it.  The set was fun, bright, and whimsical.  The acting was 10x better than Sound of Music.  Christopher Walken tap dancing just made my month!

Did you watch it last night?  What did you think?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily - Day 4

So far, so good on keeping up with the December Daily project.

Today's Fat Mum Slim prompt is "Free"... not much in life is free so I had to really think.

Here's what I came up with:

Day 4: Free

This little lizard was given to me by one of my theatre buddies.  It's a "stress lizard".  The idea is that it's better for women's hands, since those stress balls can be quite large.  I must say, I've used this little guy a few times in the last month.  I feel kind of bad squeezing the living daylights out of him, but I think he can handle it.

I just love the friends I've made through theatre.  A lot of people think that actors are fake in real life, which in some cases is probably very true, but I have found some very loving and truly genuine people in my few years back in the community theatre game.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Daily - Day 3

I've been participating in Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day challenge in December.  Today's photo deserves a story.

I decided to start using my new Arc Planner for December, just using some of their journal paper.  Since it's just notebook paper I'm using, I am also using my Studio L2e Plan It stamps to make to-do lists.  This morning, I wanted to add a couple of check boxes to my list, so I went down to my basement where my craft room is to add them.  After I finished, I went to clean the stamp... as I was cleaning it, the teeny-tiny little square stamp popped off the block it's adhered to!  I saw it bounce on the floor, but after that, it was virtually gone... UGH!  I just bought these stamps!!  How could something literally disappear within two seconds!?  I was mad and in a hurry (this was all happening before work.  I know better than this), so obviously I wasn't having any luck locating something the size of a pencil eraser... and clear at that.

I gave up and went to work.  On my lunch break, I began doodling my day in my planner (a new concept I discovered, which I will write about later).  I drew the below doodle, then, shouted for joy when I realized my misfortune could turn for good by being a useful prompt for today's photo challenge!

The prompt:  Pop!

As you can see from this photo, after work, I did locate the square stamp, and I've added it here to give you an idea of it's scale.  So tiny!  I can't even believe I found it!  I will be much more careful with these stamps in the future.

How do you like my doodle?  Practice makes progress (as my favorite mother of 19 kids likes to say) and I plan on trying to doodle in my journal a lot in the future to improve my drawing style.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily - Day 1 & 2

If you read my post yesterday, then you know that I am going to try doing a photo a day, or what some call December Daily, this month.  This is going to be a super crazy month for me, but I'm going to give it a go.  Why not?

My goal is to do Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge, but if there is ever a day I can't get a photo, I'll pick a writing prompt from a December Daily website I found... which I can't find now so I'll tag it if I find it again.

Without further ado (not adieu, by the by), here's my first December Daily Post!

Day 1: Fruit

I decorated for Christmas on Sunday!  It's soooo much work, but it always looks so beautiful in the end.  The first prompt for FMS Photo A Day Challenge was "Fruit"... I honestly have no real fruit in my house right now.  Now that is just sad.  I guess I need to go grocery shopping.  In order to fulfill the prompt, I had to be a little creative... you get a fake cranberry on my Christmas wreath...

... and my "Christmas Berries" candle, which smells oh-so-Christmasy!  Love it!

Day 2: Grass

This one is a bit odd for Christmas time, as I generally think of Christmas as more snowy than grassy, but hey, I guess FMS is based in Australia, so they have grass all the time.

This was actually taken about a week ago.  I just thought those red leaves were beautiful and you could see man different seasons all in one.  Grass - Spring, Fallen leaves - Autumn, Snow - Winter.

This is actually an archived shot from a photo walk I took with a friend back in the summer time.  Such simple beauty in nature.

If you're keeping track, I'm good for 2 days!  Only 29 more to go, right?  Lol!