Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec. Daily 24-26 - Christmas Edition

Merry 3rd Day of Christmas everyone!  I think that's how it works... aren't the 12 Days of Christmas the time between actual Christmas and Epiphany?  I could look it up, but just tell me if I'm wrong there.

Either way, I'm still keeping up with my FMS Photo a Day challenge so I'm just going to get right to it.  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and are gearing up with your goals/resolutions/hopes & dreams for 2015.  I know I am!

Day 24: Color
My parents and I have a tradition where we drive around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  Since I sang in choir for all three of our church's Christmas Eve services this year, I didn't get home until 9:30.  Then we went over to my aunt's house to drop off presents for the twins (and I got a pretty nifty gift, too.  More on that later).  By the time we actually drove around, it was 11:00 and there wasn't much to see.  Oh well.  This house in my parent's neighborhood is always decorated to the hilt!  We also saw some on Christmas Day, so it worked out.

Day 25: Celebration
 A few years ago, my family opted out of the huge family get-togethers on the major holidays.  Since then, we've been spending it doing fun things with just the three of us, and let me tell you, it's awesome!  I love my family, but sometimes the chaos and forced conversation for hours on end is just a bit much.  This year, my parents and I went to a casino for dinner at one of their restaurants.  I had roast goose for the first time (tasted like dark meat turkey).  Then we went bowling at the same casino and I got my first "turkey" ever (that means three strikes in a row for all you non-bowlers out there).  It was a pretty stellar day.  Oh... these pics are grainy because I had to use my dumb cell phone camera.

 Day 26: Animal
This really has nothing to do with Christmas, but for today's prompt, I took a photo of my parents' kitty doing what she does best.  Sleep.  She looks like a kitten, but she's pretty old now, so this is her main activity. I joked on Christmas that I wondered what she would be doing to celebrate Christmas that day... this was most likely it.

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  1. Having a low-key holiday sounds great! Maybe we'll do that next year. Your kitty is adorable! Love all the houses decorated for Christmas this year!


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