Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Daily - Day 10 & 11

Even though I completely forgot to post yesterday, I feel oddly "settled" going through my last two weeks of rehearsal for "A Christmas Carol".  That probably won't hold true next week, as we'll be working until 10:00 every night, but this week, I've been able to keep up with my photos, my journaling, my doodles in my planner, and even got a request from a friend to paint her a picture after the show is over.  I haven't painted in ages, so I hope it turns out okay, but I'm confident that I can pull something off... I think.

Anyway, Happy Thursday and here are my Days 10 and 11 for you as we come to the end of our work week!  So close!

Day 10: Closed Door

I was having a hard time coming up with something for this prompt.  Luckily, Christmas gives an abundance of opportunities for photos and I found this little ornament from a friend a few years back.  The doors never stay open all the way, but usually stay ajar, where I can just peek at the manger scene inside.

Day 11: Something Red

I had a completely different idea in mind for this prompt, but in the end, I like the TWO I came up with.  The first one is what I eventually used as my main entry for this day in the FMS challenge, but the second one was really fun for me.  I do NOT like photos of myself, and hate selfies even more, however, I kind of like this photo of me in my ruby red lipstick feeling festive yesterday.

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  1. Love your ornament! Peppermints are yummy! I need to go buy some. I'm sure we will need them for cookie recipes or something. :) Your selfie is cute. Love the red lipstick!


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