Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily Day 15 (A.K.A. Tech Week Begins!)

Today's prompt was "Super" on the FMS Photo a Day page.  I couldn't really think of anything interesting to take a photo of that would scream "super" in the traditional sense of "That's really super!"

Then I started planning my week.  I have been using Sunday nights to lightly decorate my weekly planner pages, just because it brightens my day to see a little color on my page and makes me feel slightly crafty.  As I was decorating and stamping my to-do list lines, I thought, "well, these lines will probably stay pretty much blank, because I should just write "TECH WEEK" all over the pages.

That's when I thought, "Getting ready for a SUPER busy week."  Bam!  Prompt done!

Yep, for an actor, tech week is a week where you really get nothing else in your personal life accomplished.  You go straight from work, grab something to eat (maybe) and head to the theatre.  Today is our first day, and it's the day when we finally work with all the prompts, flys, actual staging on the stage and not the rehearsal space... it can be a little crazy.  Thankfully, the show seems to be going really smoothly so far, so I have a feeling that tech week will go just about as smoothly as it can go.

Prayers would be appreciated this week, though.  A stomach bug's going around schools, so please pray that we all stay healthy, because nothing is worse than needing to throw up, hack up a lung, or... um... use the bathroom right in the middle of your scene!

OKAY!  I'm off!!

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