Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Daily - Day 3

I've been participating in Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day challenge in December.  Today's photo deserves a story.

I decided to start using my new Arc Planner for December, just using some of their journal paper.  Since it's just notebook paper I'm using, I am also using my Studio L2e Plan It stamps to make to-do lists.  This morning, I wanted to add a couple of check boxes to my list, so I went down to my basement where my craft room is to add them.  After I finished, I went to clean the stamp... as I was cleaning it, the teeny-tiny little square stamp popped off the block it's adhered to!  I saw it bounce on the floor, but after that, it was virtually gone... UGH!  I just bought these stamps!!  How could something literally disappear within two seconds!?  I was mad and in a hurry (this was all happening before work.  I know better than this), so obviously I wasn't having any luck locating something the size of a pencil eraser... and clear at that.

I gave up and went to work.  On my lunch break, I began doodling my day in my planner (a new concept I discovered, which I will write about later).  I drew the below doodle, then, shouted for joy when I realized my misfortune could turn for good by being a useful prompt for today's photo challenge!

The prompt:  Pop!

As you can see from this photo, after work, I did locate the square stamp, and I've added it here to give you an idea of it's scale.  So tiny!  I can't even believe I found it!  I will be much more careful with these stamps in the future.

How do you like my doodle?  Practice makes progress (as my favorite mother of 19 kids likes to say) and I plan on trying to doodle in my journal a lot in the future to improve my drawing style.

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  1. Pretty sure that's more than a doodle haha. Well... at least when you compare it to MY doodles! :)


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