Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Daily - Days 6 & 7

Since I uploaded a planner decoration post yesterday, I left my December Daily from Saturday until today.

Day 6: Joy is...

Of course, joy is a feeling, but it is also a choice.  Personally, I've had a rough second half of 2014.  I could very easily let these issues tear me down and make me bitter.  Instead, I change my situation when I can, and if not, I try to change my attitude.  That's easier said than done in some circumstances, but at the very least, I try to find things within each day to be thankful for, and that brings me great joy.

On this day, I am thankful for the feeling of joy that this holiday season brings.  The color, the sparkly, and of course, the true meaning for our celebration is all cause to fill our hearts with joy.  Don't let the little troubles in life weigh you down.  Find joy in every day.

Day 7: Weekends are for...

Good times and good food with friends!  On Saturday I hosted a Christmas party for my book club and there was tons of food!  My friend brought and amazing cheese tray that I was absolutely in love with!  We always have a good time when our book club girls get together.

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  1. Joy, yes, let us find it in everything we do. There seems to be so little true joy these days so we all need to let that light shine whenever we can. I love that cheese tray, too. My goodness. I think I will join your book club.


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