Friday, December 5, 2014

Live Theatre on TV - December Daily Day 5

Day 5: Me!

I was kind of dreading this prompt, because I hate selfies!  There's a lot of people doing really great photos of themselves, but I just can't do it.  It feels awkward to take my own photo, and it shows.

So, in the interest of trying to keep all these photos fairly current, I decided to take a "selfie" of what I was doing last night.  NBC showed a new live version of Peter Pan and I was really excited to watch it!  Actually, I was a bit reticent about it, because last year they did Sound of Music, and despite all the hype, I felt like it was a little underwhelming.  Peter Pan looked great, though, so I was hoping that it would be better.

It did not disappoint!  I'm sure, like everything else, there will be differing opinions on how well it was done, the changes they made to the original, etc. etc, but I really loved it.  The set was fun, bright, and whimsical.  The acting was 10x better than Sound of Music.  Christopher Walken tap dancing just made my month!

Did you watch it last night?  What did you think?

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