Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Resolution Update

Hi everyone!  Happy February!  I wanted to write a little update since we are one month into the new year.  As most people do, at the beginning of the year, I came up with some resolutions for 2015.  My resolutions are more like goals this year, because I'm not saying, "I resolve to never do this again," or "I resolve to change this about myself."  If I think of them in terms of goals, they don't seem quite so harsh and scary, I guess.

So anyway, here is another look at my resolutions/goals for 2015.

So, how is it going, you might ask?  Let's do a rundown, shall we?

1. Finish 2013-2014 Project Life Album:  This one isn't fully completed yet, but I'm making excellent progress.  I've printed out a bunch of photos for 2014.  I got some page protectors and stuck my memorabilia for those different sections into the album so that when I'm ready to do that page, I can just pull everything out and not have to search for things.  I am close to being completely finished with 2013.  I finally did a page from my Europe trip (which is out of order in the album so I may have to switch some things around later... if I care that much.)  All in all, this is probably the goal I'm most proud of so far.

2. Work on 2nd novel:  This one isn't going quite so well... so far, I have only succeeded in printing out the pages that I had previously written oh so long ago.  I'm not sure when I'll get time to actually work on this one, but I'm hoping to not put it off for another year.  I'll probably have to re-read my 1st novel to remember what I wrote!

3 & 4.  Take at least 1 photo a week and blog at least once a week:  I am actually participating in a Photo-A-Day challenge and I'm hoping to keep up with it... but this next week is going to be a killer with my theatre/social calendar, so I'm thinking if I mess up, it'll be this week.  I also have been keeping up with a blog a week because I've been posting all my photos on Sunday from the previous week, so this goal has been a surprising success.

5. Exercise 1 day a week:  This one wasn't going so well for the first month, I'll admit.  I just couldn't get my mojo back.  I have started to feel really flabby and just knew I wasn't eating really well on top of not exercising at all.  I was doing plenty of running around and I wasn't really gaining weight, but I just felt... blah.  So just yesterday, I decided to print out some 30 Day Challenges and make myself do a little mini-workout every morning before I popped in the shower.  I just feel I need to tone up, not necessarily lose weight.  I'm doing push-ups (girl ones right now.  I'll work up to regular push-ups later), crunches (I HATE crunches), squats and planks.  It's probably only a 10 minute workout at the most, but it gets my heart rate up, and that's all that matters.

All in all, I haven't been doing too badly with these resolutions this year.  I'm not going to do a monthly update on these, but I will periodically check in, show you my progress and possibly what I'm doing to stay on track with these goals.  I've also added reading the Bible in one year to my list of unofficial goals.  Up until now, it hasn't been much of a struggle, but with having to learn lines and with my increasingly heavy rehearsal schedule, this might become a little more of an issue.  I'm going to work on it though.  If I get behind, I will try to catch up when I can.  My goal here is to keep with whatever day I am on and if I have to miss a day, I will just catch up when I have a little extra time (HA!  I'm so optimistic).

My word for 2015 has been "Strength".  I feel like I am really strengthening myself in a lot of ways... spiritually, emotionally and hopefully physically this year.  Stay tuned for a more in-depth post on what strength looks like for me in 2015.

How are you doing with your resolutions/goals for 2015?  Did you make any?  How do you help yourself stay on task?

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