Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week in Review: Week 5/ End of January!

Hooray!  I am happy to say that I successfully completed one full month of FMS Photo-a-Day taking a new photo everyday of the month.  I've done her challenges before, but there's always been at least one archived shot.  Not this month, though!  Waahoo!

Here are some bigger shots of my last week of January.

January 26 - Three Things
Three words that made my day.  My coworker calls me The Queen, because I'm the head secretary/office manager, which means I know everything, right?  He found this little plague and had to get it for me.

January 27 - Morning
This isn't exciting, but this is my normal breakfast most mornings.  I'm not that great at making sunnyside up eggs, but I'm still going to try.

January 28 - Strange
I had no idea what I was going to do for this prompt because my days are pretty routine and there's nothing strange about it... unless you count my coworkers!  Speaking of co-workers, though, two of them both thought my tea infuser from Teavanna was a bell.  I think they thought I was going to start demanding things by ringing a bell for them.  LOL!  I wish that would work!

January 29 - Winter/Summer
Wow!  I was so ecstatic when I walked past my window this morning and saw this GORGEOUS sunrise.  My Facebook feed was blowing up with photos of it, and this is the one I could get.  Despite the house in the way, I'm happy to have captured God's amazing artwork.

January 30 - Favorite Food
Wine isn't a food, but it's definitely one of my favorite things to have with my food, so I say it counts.  Tonight, I was practicing some hygge with a cozy fake fire and a warming glass of wine.

January 31 - On Top
I had some Cool Whip for a dessert I was making this weekend, so I stole a dollop out of it and put it on top of my coffee this morning.  Mmmmm! Yum!

February 1 - On My Plate
I made chicken and biscuits using my crockpot today and it was wonderful!  I wish that I'd made a double batch, because I only have enough for one lunch... so sad.

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