Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week in Review - Wk 8

This week was fairly ordinary, as far as my life goes.  It's been bitterly cold, so that means lots of hibernation, warm food and tea, and movie nights with the girls.

I'm still shocked that I've been keeping up with the photo a day thing.  It's been almost 2 full months!  Coupled with a full time job and an intense theatre schedule, I'm shocked that this is the thing I've kept up with (pretty much everything else I've tried to do has gone by the wayside).

Without further ado, here is my week in photos.  I actually really like the photos this week. They wouldn't win any awards, but they're fun and I had a good time trying to be creative.

Feb 16: From Where I Stand
Again, I had a fantastic photo in mind from my vantage point from the stage during a rehearsal this night... but I should know better than that by now.  I just never even think about that once I'm there... too many other things going on.  Instead, I got a photo of "where I sit" in a bubble bath after coming in from the icy cold night.  Our theatre is a 100 year old carriage house, so it's not insulated very well, so I am quite ready for warmth and comfort when I come home.

Feb 17: Routine
Oh my!  I hate to say that this is a routine for me, but I do like to have a drink in the evening after a long, tough day.  It's not always something this strong, but tonight just felt like an Ole Smoky kind of night.

Feb 18: Bedside
Oh boy... another drink photo.  I guess this is just evidence of the routine in my day.  I mixed a little wine with tart cherry juice tonight, because apparently tart cherry juice helps you sleep.  I think it worked because I slept like a log!

Feb 19: Fresh
As a single woman living on her own and always being on the go, I don't really keep a lot of fresh food in the house.  I do eat organic as much as possible, but I freeze a lot of things.  These little "Cuties" are as close to fresh as I get these days.

Feb 20: This is So Me!
I'll be honest, this prompt gave me a lot of trouble.  It's not that I don't know who I am, but I'm not sure who I am can be captured in a photo.  I was going to take a photo of me looking frazzled, as I frantically ran around picking up my house before a few friends came over for a movie last night, but when I took this photo in a mirror by my door that has a dandilion printed on it, I really liked it. This is me.  I love flowers.  I love funky clothing.  I love taking pictures and I love to smile.  

Feb 21: Matching
Burning candles just seems like what you should do in the winter.  Am I right?

Feb 22: Macro
I'm not sure if this is really considered macro, but I liked the ways I got some really good detail on the fabric flowers and also the blurry background, which is kind of hard for me to get with my little "bridge" camera.

So there you have it.  Week 8 in the books!  Week 9 is going to be nuts.  I have to learn how to "do hair" this week for the play I'm in and then the trick will be blocking it out so that it takes an entire scene to do a hairstyle.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty nervous about it.  My hair is the same way pretty much every day.  I cannot do hair to save my life.  We'll see if this beautician can teach me without wanting to slap me silly.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I didn't see all of these, so I'm glad you post a weekly summary. Glad to hear all is going well with the play practice. I feel your pain with the "doing hair" thing. I can't do hair either. :) Love your selfie!


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