Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 11 in Review

Bam!  Another week in the books, all while spending my evenings at the theatre.  :-)  Our audiences have been spectacular!  I'm telling you, if you go to see a show, your response to the actors onstage definitely affects their energy and performance, as well.  I felt like my character really came to life on opening night, because our audience was just so responsive, I wanted to give them the best Annelle I knew how.

March 9 - Make
One of my goals this year is to get caught up on a lot of my scrapbooking, including using up most of my stash instead of buying a bunch of new things.  I just put in a Stampin' Up order for some fun new stamps... so obviously, I'm not doing too well in that area.

March 10 - Floral
Even though it's been getting warmer around here lately, there are still no flowers in the ground.  This prompt had to come from the basket of fabric flowers from the corner of my living room.

March 11 - Happy Place
By far, my happiest place is on the stage.  It can be incredibly nerve-racking, but it's so fun to entertain a crowd and make them laugh or cry.

March 12 - Details 
It's so wonderful to see the sun again. 

March 13 - Color
I love color!  It's all over my house, including almost exclusively red kitchen appliances.

March 14 - Favorite
My favorite thing to do over the last few weeks is to look down from the cats (i.e. catwalks) onto our awesome set for "Steel Magnolias".  It's just such an interesting perspective.

March 15 - Small
Just a small wine cork from my "Magnolia Gold" wine that my parents bought me for my opening night.

Well, I have a day and a half off from the show, as Mondays are "dark" in the theatre.  I'm not sure what to do with myself, but I'm sure I will find something.  Tonight, it's going to be watching Josh Groban on "Who Do You Think You Are".  Love that guy!

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  1. I'm impressed that you kept up considering your crazy week! And I actually saw all of these on Facebook. Usually one or two slip by. :) Enjoy your time off! Looking forward to seeing the show on Friday (hopefully)!


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