Monday, March 9, 2015

Week in Review - Week 10

Much of this week involved loose interpretations of the prompts, but I'm okay with that.  I think it's more creative to do that, right?  RIGHT?

Today (Sunday) starts the tech week for "Steel Magnolias" and I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be able to keep up with the photo a day for the next two weeks... but I'm going to try.  I'd hate to give up now when I've been doing so well.

March 2: Part of Me
This Claddaugh ring has been on my finger ever since I bought it in Ireland last year.  Someday, when/if I meet the man I will marry, I'm going to flip it around so the heart faces in (which would mean I am taken).  I have no plans to ever stop wearing this ring, so I guess you can say it has become part of me.

March 3: Open
I have been doing a Project Life scrapbook for the last year.  It will encompass 2013-2014... maybe 2015 if I can fit it.  It's been open on my table for a few weeks, so that I can work on a page when I get time.

March 4: Geometric
I've been using one purse for a few weeks, even though I have a ton of purses.  This one has a fun geometric pattern on the inside.

March 5: Out the Window
The only thing I see out my windows at this time of year... snow.

March 6: Remedy
I have a slight thyroid condition, so I take a pill every day to remedy the situation.

March 7: Sweet
I just put out my one St. Patrick's Day decoration, which has an Irish blessing on it.  I think these blessings are so sweet.

March 8: Young
Today was Daylight Savings Time in these parts, so this photo was taken fairly early in the morning (even though the clock told a different tale).

So there you have it.  Spring is finally beginning around here, and I'm hoping for a warm-up just in time for the show to begin.  The theatre is a 100 year old carriage house, which isn't well insulated, so it will be nice to not be shivering while I'm trying to portray someone who lives in Louisiana in the summer time.

Have a happy week, everyone!  I hope I will be back next Sunday to bring you week 11... but I also might be delirious from sleep deprivation.  Only time will tell. 


  1. I know you told me before but I forgot... so I need to know what the dates are for the show and how can I get a ticket and how much are they???

  2. I'm impressed you kept up with your busy schedule! You totally get a pass for the next couple weeks! :) Can't wait to see the show!

  3. Rainey, this was a delightful read and so I am glad I started following you so I could find it easily. You have a great week, girl. Spring is just around the corner.


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