Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week in Review - Week 14

Happy Easter, everyone!  He is Risen, indeed!

I have to admit, today was a loooong day and it's only 8:45 as I type this and I'm seriously considering going to bed after I press "Publish".  I woke up at 5:30 this morning to get ready to be at church by 6:30.  Actually, I set my alarm for 5:00, and then fell back asleep.  Ugh!  I never do that... Anyway, it wasn't really a big deal and I got to church on time and even though we were all extremely tired, we had a great time singing at all three services.  We have really been singing some very powerful songs in choir lately.  Every time we came off the platform from singing the song "Forever", my friend and I had chills.  Love that song!

After church, my parents and I headed out to enjoy our day.  It's only the three of us these days, so we went to a restaurant and then bowling at a semi-local casino.  I got a big mug of coffee at the restaurant and still took a nap on the way to bowling and on our way home.  I'm getting too old for this!

Anyway, onto week 14 of the FMS Photo Challenge.  It was another good week, I think.

March 30: On My Table
This one is kind of boring, but I love the pop of red in the peppers.  Obviously, this is just my run-of-the-mill breakfast on my table.

March 31: Two Tone

This day was not a particularly colorful one, but as I got into my car at the end of the day, it suddenly occurred to me that the multitude of clouds in the sky were two-toned.  Perfect!

April 1: Lunch
Woops!  I ate my lunch before I remembered about taking a photo, so these were the two items I had left.  Doesn't that Halo look like a brain?  EW!

April 2: Building

It just continues to rain this week, so I took a photo from inside a building, specifically the Arts Center where I am working the box office for a play this weekend.  It has a "lovely" view of the Post Office building, too.  

April 3: This is Good
I might still be having a bit of "Steel Magnolias" withdrawal.  I started working on my scrapbook pages for the show this week and I really love this title card I made!  It's a famous line that really sums up how I feel about life.

April 4: I Stood Here

You got a little glimpse of it in my "Building" photo, but this brightly painted platform is part of an art installation at the Arts Center.  It's been interesting to hear people's reactions to it.  I kind of dig it, especially in this photo.

April 5: Egg
Of course, today is Easter Sunday!  Our choir director "hid" eggs around the choir room for us.  It was really cute and we laughed when we realized they were for us and not the kids.  Candy for the adults!  YAY!

So that's been my week in photos.  I really feel like this particular set has really captured my life this week, rather than just looking for something pretty to fit the prompts.  I realize that's going to happen when the prompt is just something wacky that wouldn't fit in my daily routine, but I do want to make this a year in photos that really captures my year.  

Have a great week, everyone!  See you in a few!

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  1. Looks like a great week! Love that your choir director hid eggs for you guys! Also love that rainbow floor! Since I'm not doing FMS PaD for a while, I'm trying not to "like" any photos on FB so they can stop taking over my news feed. :) I don't want to quit the group altogether though. Glad you are still going strong!


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