Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week in Review - Week 15

Hello there!  It's been another crazy week around here.  I'm really enjoying my time off from performing, but I'm also starting to get the itch to be onstage again.  I'm anticipating another audition in the next month or so, so with any luck my itch will be scratched in the next little bit (weird imagery...sorry), but I have definitely not been bored since my show closed, so hopefully regardless of the outcome of the audition, I will be able to keep myself busy and social.

I went to see one of the teens I know from community theatre perform as the Baker in his high school's production of "Into the Woods."  I absolutely love this musical and I was blown away by this school's performance!  I was so proud of my friend as he stood on the stage all by himself singing one of his solos.  It was a dream role for him and he rocked it!  I had a little proud mama moment, even though I am obviously not his mama.  After the show, we were standing around talking to him, when all of a sudden I saw one of my favorite college professors from across the room!  I totally freaked out and "fan-girled" him, as my friend called it.  It's true.  I apologized to my friend later for giving him the shaft while I ran up to my old prof, but I'm happy to report that he remembered me and we had a very nice conversation!

There was so much fun happening this week.  I actually think I have a free week this coming week, until next weekend when I am having a mini-reunion at my college to celebrate the retirement of another of my favorite professors!  Eek!!  My heart is aflutter with anticipation!  AH!

All right, all right.  Enough talk about college and theatre.  Without further ado, here are my photos from this week.

April 6: A Shape
On Easter Sunday, my mom found something that I thought I had lost. I bought this Origami Owl necklace maybe a year ago and this past November, completely lost it. I remembered putting it in a bag or purse, but I checked every bag I own, and it was nowhere to be found. On Easter, my mom found it in one of HER rarely used handbags. Yay!

April 7: Beauty

I couldn't think of what to photograph for this day, but when I sat down to write in my journal, I realized how beautiful I thought this book was.  I love the color, and as much as I didn't like Paris when I was there, I did LOVE the Eiffel Tower and thought it was very beautiful.

April 8: Breakfast
I wanted to go to Panera Bread this morning, but I ended up not feeling the greatest and just ate a muffin at home. Here are the spoils.

April 9: Inspired
My mini-daffodils are blooming!  This has inspired me to get outside and start photographing nature again!

April 10: Dark
I almost forgot to take a photo today, so as I was getting ready for bed, I turned off the lights and took this photo of my bedtime setup. :-P

April 11: This Smells so Good
It's no secret that I love my coffee.  I used to love the smell but hate the taste, but obviously, my taste buds finally caught up to my sniffer.

April 12: Something Green
I love the first flowers of spring.  These little flowers were mere green shoots a week ago.  Now they are blooming in all their sunshiny glory.


  1. Flowers! Winter is officially gone.
    I love the light in the first picture!

  2. I have never seen Into the Woods, but our theatre has announced they're doing it next season!! :)

    I have an origami necklace too! I haven't worn it in ages, though. I went to another party this week and bought a different locket & another camera charm. They have a new one and i had to have it. Haha.


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