Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week in Review - Week 22 - Slumps

Happy Sunday!  I'm still incorporating some Florida photos into my daily photos for the FMS challenge, but I'm okay with it.  I'm still trying to get out of a photo-taking slump, There's been a lot going on of late, and I just haven't felt compelled.

 I've also taken a little break from posting statuses on Facebook lately, although I'm posting the link to this blog there.  A lot of people whine about those who post a lot, which I think is funny because why is anyone on Facebook if they don't want to read status updates?  However, I felt like I'd become someone who posts too much, so I'm giving it a rest for a bit.  I just need to step back and focus on other things.

Anyway, let's get to the photos from the past week (and Florida a couple weeks ago).

25 - Lucky
Today was Memorial Day, so I felt like the perfect photo for this prompt was a photo from the parade in our little town.  I'm not a big parade person, but I always get a little choked up when everyone applauds the veterans walking in the parade.  We're so lucky to have such brave men and women fighting for our freedom everyday.  We should always be grateful for it.

26 - Daily Ritual

I wish this was my daily ritual.  In Florida, it was... daily walks along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.  Gorgeous.

27 - Borrowed
These are all books that I've "borrowed" from my grandpa that I have yet to read... I may never get to them, so I might as well say I took them as mine.

28 - Pink

I don't know what kind of flower this is, but I loved the colors when I ended it.

29 - Starts with "S"
I honestly used an old-fashioned dictionary this day, and not even just to open it to the "S's" for this prompt.  My coworker and I were having a debate over how to spell a word, so instead of Googling it, I pulled out the 1970's dictionary at the office.  You know when someone has spelled a word one way for so long that the right way to spell it starts to look wrong, and the wrong way starts to look right?  Well, that's what was happening.  We got it straightened out, though, and I feel much better about life as I know it.

30 - Over There

I had no clue what I was going to take a photo of this day, when all of a sudden, as I was saying goodbye to a friend in the parking lot of a restaurant, this big "gaggle" of geese walked across the lot!  Score!  LOOK AT THE BABIES!!  ADORABLE!

31 - Ha Ha Ha

These herons were as tall as me.  They would stand right beside the people fishing in the Gulf and wait for them to catch a fish so they could steal them.  They just looked so funny standing there patiently waiting.

All right, all!  Here you go.  I'm hoping to go back to the all new photos next week.  We'll see how well I do!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 21 - Florida

Hello there and I hope you are having a nice long Memorial Day weekend.  I don't like to say "Happy" Memorial Day, since it is a remembrance day for our fallen soldiers, but I hope that you are enjoying time with family and friends and feeling thankful for what you have.

I don't have a whole lot to say this week.  Most of my photos this week are still from my recent vacation to Tampa, FL.  I've been frantically trying to finish up books for book clubs and auditions, so I haven't had a lot of time to think about new photos.  I like using the prompts for showcasing vacation photos, though.

May 18: Musical
These guys were very musical as my friend and I walked into the botanical gardens in Tampa on our last day.  They were having a good time.

May 19: My Mood Today
My mood on this day was sad because I wasn't on vacation anymore, because my mood with this view was always happy!

May 20: Equal
New photo!  My salt and pepper shakers are equal, so much so that I have to be careful that I don't use the wrong one.

May 21: In a Drawer

Another new photo... of my dresser!  Woo baby, this is riveting stuff here, no?  This is how I organize my exercise shirts.

May 22: Weather
The weather in Tampa was pretty much gorgeous everyday... until about 7:00pm, then it stormed almost every night.  

May 23: Good Times
Champagne and a view!  Here's to relaxation!

May 24: Rule of Thirds
I caught this little guy at the botanical gardens, too.  I'm actually surprised it turned out, because he did not want to stay still.

So there you go!  21 weeks of new photos (or at least just a few days old).  Just keep swimming...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week in Review - Week 20

Hi everyone!  I'm a little behind on my photos this week because I was on vacation in Florida and I'm just now trying to get my head back on straight.  It was only a little 4 day trip, but man, was it much needed.  I'm usually the type of girl that has to have a plan on vacation so that we don't get bored, but for this one, I didn't have a schedule and it was lovely.  I took an extra day off work yesterday to regroup and do some things around the house, so I'm feeling pretty good about life, but I'm also not ready to go back to the grind!

I'll admit, the taking a new photo a day for the specific prompts of the FMS challenge has gone by the wayside a bit, but I'm still making the ones I take fit the prompt, so I'm going to continue on.

May 11 - Upside Down
This photo is from our Mother's Day trip to the zoo this year.  I love flamingos.  I think they might be one of my favorite animals now.

May 12: Eyes
These two cheetahs were lounging in the shade since it was so hot.  This one was watching us with his big eyes.

May 13: Hands

Check out the claws on this Kimodo Dragon.  I wouldn't want to meet him in the wild.

May 14: Heart
This isn't the clearest shot, unfortunately... I was experimenting with my iPhone camera.  This is a charm from my Oragami Owl necklace.

May 15: I Found This

While in Tampa, FL, my friend and I visited a botanical garden.  These little lizards were all over the place, but some of them blended in with the sidewalk.

May 16: Clean

The beach we stayed on was really pristine.  We only saw one dead fish.  Lol!

May 17: Home
This was the view from my friend's home.  She's a lucky, lucky girl.

So that's that.  Stay tuned for more Florida photos in this coming week's post and hopefully I'll get back on my game soon. :-)  Happy Hump Day!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week in Review - Week 19

 This week was full of fun and sunshine, but as far as the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day Challenge, it was a rough one for me.  The prompts were just tough.  I got'er done, though, so let's see what I got.

May 4 - Today I Saw
Flowers!  Flowers are everywhere now, and I love it.

 May 5 - Red
 More flowers!  My parents took me to Phipps Conservatory for my birthday.  There were many red things to see there.

May 6 - 10 o'clock
 This one was a toughy... I finally decided to take a picture of the ceiling fan going at full speed at 10pm, because it was way too hot for that time of night.

May 7 - Key
 I tried to take a photo of my friend's toddler's play keys, but she wasn't getting the concept so all of them came out blurry, so I snapped a photo of my keys laying on the table of North Country Brewery where we had just finished book club dinner.  Yum!

May 8 - Four Things
Four stones... yawn.

May 9 - Peaceful
Sometimes a monochromatic look can be very peaceful to the eye.  The sent of this flower was very relaxing a lovely, as well.  My friend picked it from a tree outside the theatre where we were seeing a show so that we could all smell it... then gave it to me.  Check out the heart shape!  Awwww!

May 10 - Playground
 I have two photos for this one!  The first is my favorite.  The Polar Bears at the Pittsburgh Zoo were playing in their version of a playground when we went there for Mother's Day.

The second one is the climbing wall in the play area.  I used to love that thing, even though I was never very good at it...

So there ya go.  I'm still  trucking along and I'm happy that even when the prompts are hard for me, I haven't given up.  I'm considering not posting them on the FMS Facebook page anymore, though.  I'm starting to get too bogged down with how many likes I get, and I'd rather just take the photos for the fun of taking the photos, and not worrying about if people like them.  All that should matter is that I like them and that they accurately reflect my life in 2015.  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Photo-A-Day - Week 18

Happy May, everyone!  I don't really have much to say about this week, except the weather this weekend has been wonderful and spring is finally here to stay... I hope!  This week was surprisingly quiet, but the weekend consisted of a baby shower, jogging, staining my deck, and holding on a precious new baby (and being told by his 3 year old brother that it was time for me to go home now). LOL!  Gotta love the kiddies.

I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week.  I'm excited for May because it seems like I will be off more than I'm working this month, which makes me more than a bit happy!

Here are my photos from this week's FMS Photo challenge.  Four months down; eight more to go.

April 27: In my Bedroom
This chair is kind of a fake reading nook.  This is a vintage/antique chair from my grandma's house and because I'm a little sentimental, I wanted to keep it.  I pretty much only use it to put on my shoes, but it's actually very comfy.

April 28: Prepare
I eat the same thing every day, so today I decided to switch it up and make myself a bagel... unfortunately, my contents didn't really stay in very well.  It was yummy, though!

April 29: I Walked Here
Now that the weather is so nice, I have been taking lots of walks in my parents' neighborhood.  Love that blue sky!

April 30: Need
I need less stress in my life right now.  There are just a lot of little things that are becoming slightly overwhelming.  My poor little stress lizard gets a lot of squeezes lately.

May 1: Want
More blue skies!  I love this time of year!  Yay May!

May 2: Faceless Self-Portrait
I wanted to be super artsy with this prompt, but nothing I took turned out... so here is a photo of what I did today... stained my deck with my fancy blue manicure.  :-)

May 3: Cup of...
... tea in one of the teacups my grandma left me.  I do not use this fancy china enough... possibly because I hate hand washing dishes. :-P