Sunday, May 3, 2015

Photo-A-Day - Week 18

Happy May, everyone!  I don't really have much to say about this week, except the weather this weekend has been wonderful and spring is finally here to stay... I hope!  This week was surprisingly quiet, but the weekend consisted of a baby shower, jogging, staining my deck, and holding on a precious new baby (and being told by his 3 year old brother that it was time for me to go home now). LOL!  Gotta love the kiddies.

I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week.  I'm excited for May because it seems like I will be off more than I'm working this month, which makes me more than a bit happy!

Here are my photos from this week's FMS Photo challenge.  Four months down; eight more to go.

April 27: In my Bedroom
This chair is kind of a fake reading nook.  This is a vintage/antique chair from my grandma's house and because I'm a little sentimental, I wanted to keep it.  I pretty much only use it to put on my shoes, but it's actually very comfy.

April 28: Prepare
I eat the same thing every day, so today I decided to switch it up and make myself a bagel... unfortunately, my contents didn't really stay in very well.  It was yummy, though!

April 29: I Walked Here
Now that the weather is so nice, I have been taking lots of walks in my parents' neighborhood.  Love that blue sky!

April 30: Need
I need less stress in my life right now.  There are just a lot of little things that are becoming slightly overwhelming.  My poor little stress lizard gets a lot of squeezes lately.

May 1: Want
More blue skies!  I love this time of year!  Yay May!

May 2: Faceless Self-Portrait
I wanted to be super artsy with this prompt, but nothing I took turned out... so here is a photo of what I did today... stained my deck with my fancy blue manicure.  :-)

May 3: Cup of...
... tea in one of the teacups my grandma left me.  I do not use this fancy china enough... possibly because I hate hand washing dishes. :-P

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