Monday, May 11, 2015

Week in Review - Week 19

 This week was full of fun and sunshine, but as far as the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day Challenge, it was a rough one for me.  The prompts were just tough.  I got'er done, though, so let's see what I got.

May 4 - Today I Saw
Flowers!  Flowers are everywhere now, and I love it.

 May 5 - Red
 More flowers!  My parents took me to Phipps Conservatory for my birthday.  There were many red things to see there.

May 6 - 10 o'clock
 This one was a toughy... I finally decided to take a picture of the ceiling fan going at full speed at 10pm, because it was way too hot for that time of night.

May 7 - Key
 I tried to take a photo of my friend's toddler's play keys, but she wasn't getting the concept so all of them came out blurry, so I snapped a photo of my keys laying on the table of North Country Brewery where we had just finished book club dinner.  Yum!

May 8 - Four Things
Four stones... yawn.

May 9 - Peaceful
Sometimes a monochromatic look can be very peaceful to the eye.  The sent of this flower was very relaxing a lovely, as well.  My friend picked it from a tree outside the theatre where we were seeing a show so that we could all smell it... then gave it to me.  Check out the heart shape!  Awwww!

May 10 - Playground
 I have two photos for this one!  The first is my favorite.  The Polar Bears at the Pittsburgh Zoo were playing in their version of a playground when we went there for Mother's Day.

The second one is the climbing wall in the play area.  I used to love that thing, even though I was never very good at it...

So there ya go.  I'm still  trucking along and I'm happy that even when the prompts are hard for me, I haven't given up.  I'm considering not posting them on the FMS Facebook page anymore, though.  I'm starting to get too bogged down with how many likes I get, and I'd rather just take the photos for the fun of taking the photos, and not worrying about if people like them.  All that should matter is that I like them and that they accurately reflect my life in 2015.  

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