Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week in Review - Week 20

Hi everyone!  I'm a little behind on my photos this week because I was on vacation in Florida and I'm just now trying to get my head back on straight.  It was only a little 4 day trip, but man, was it much needed.  I'm usually the type of girl that has to have a plan on vacation so that we don't get bored, but for this one, I didn't have a schedule and it was lovely.  I took an extra day off work yesterday to regroup and do some things around the house, so I'm feeling pretty good about life, but I'm also not ready to go back to the grind!

I'll admit, the taking a new photo a day for the specific prompts of the FMS challenge has gone by the wayside a bit, but I'm still making the ones I take fit the prompt, so I'm going to continue on.

May 11 - Upside Down
This photo is from our Mother's Day trip to the zoo this year.  I love flamingos.  I think they might be one of my favorite animals now.

May 12: Eyes
These two cheetahs were lounging in the shade since it was so hot.  This one was watching us with his big eyes.

May 13: Hands

Check out the claws on this Kimodo Dragon.  I wouldn't want to meet him in the wild.

May 14: Heart
This isn't the clearest shot, unfortunately... I was experimenting with my iPhone camera.  This is a charm from my Oragami Owl necklace.

May 15: I Found This

While in Tampa, FL, my friend and I visited a botanical garden.  These little lizards were all over the place, but some of them blended in with the sidewalk.

May 16: Clean

The beach we stayed on was really pristine.  We only saw one dead fish.  Lol!

May 17: Home
This was the view from my friend's home.  She's a lucky, lucky girl.

So that's that.  Stay tuned for more Florida photos in this coming week's post and hopefully I'll get back on my game soon. :-)  Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Oh man... I really REALLY want to go to the beach... in Florida and totally unplug for a few days and pretend real life doesn't exist!


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