Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 24

I'm getting a little better at taking photos again, but this week's prompts were TOUGH.  I ended up going into my recent archives for a few of these, which I have obviously decided to be okay with as long as they were taken this year and just never used for one of the prompts.

So, while some of these photos are taken with a cell phone (so a little grainy), I actually like most of the shots I chose.  Enjoy!

June 8 - Sadness
Sadness is packing my lunch for work on Monday... ugh.  Why can't I be independently wealthy!!?

June 9 - Disgust
I'm sorry, but this picture cracks me up, although I'm sure I should feel disgusted by this monkey's rather forward display.  He's very confident, that's for sure.

June 10 - Anger
These guys are just playing, but man does that guy look angry.

June 11 - Fear
This is obviously a grainy cellphone picture, but it's honestly the best photo of jellyfish I've ever gotten, even with my semi-big-girl camera.  And yeah, this goes with "Fear" because I would not want to meet these things in the water.  SCARY!

June 12 - Joy
 Joy is spending time with friends and experiencing new things.  My friend Kim and I went to a new local distillery in our area that is owned by a friend of hers.  It was really fun, although drinking straight, unflavored whiskey is definitely not my deal.  I had to do a mixed drink after about two sips of the straight stuff.

June 13 - On my Mind

It's that time of year, again!  Shakespeare in the Park is upon me and learning lines is on my mind.  I don't have a ton, but Shakespeare is a whole different ball game from normal line learning.  I think I'm doing pretty well, but I had a dream about totally blanking on them onstage (typical dream for an actor, I think) so it's definitely on my mind.

June 14 - Makes me Feel Good

Okay, this one is a little different and it was definitely really awkward to shoot, but I kind of like how it turned out.  Morning showers always make me feel good to start the day.

So, there ya have it!  I had pretty relaxing week this week, which probably accounts for the lack of new photos... I just didn't do much for most of the week and didn't feel inspired.  Those weeks are needed sometimes, though, especially for a busy bee like me.  I'm not really ready for another week, but at least I have some fun things planned.  Stay tuned!

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