Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 26

Oh man, I'm a little late in the game here this week, but hey, I actually took a new photo for each prompt this week, so that's progress!  Last week was a pretty good week with a few frustrating moments (like having to bug bomb my house Saturday night because I realized baby spiders had hatched in my house!  ICK!  WORSE THAN WEEVILS WHICH ALSO ATTACKED ME!!)  Sorry.  I had a little moment there.  Bugs are doing everything in their power to make my life miserable recently.  I digress.

Some better things that happened this week were:  
Lunch with my friend and her 2 month old baby (ohmygoshmyheartmelts)
Book club at my friend's amazing house, sitting out on her lovely porch drinking wine and discussing literature - Yes, please!
Seeing my friend's son in a musical (which also included seeing said friend, more theatre friends, and adorable and talented kids)  Winning!
A lovely little girls nights with two of my besties

That was quite a week I had, huh?  I'm tired just looking at all that, but honestly, it was really quite an enjoyable week.  I think this coming week will be just as enjoyable.  I hope, anyway.

Okay, okay, enough chit-chat.  Let's move on to the photos, shall we?

June 22: Money
I have change jar that counts my coins for me as I put them in.  I really need to get better at putting my change in there so I can get it filled up.  I took it to CoinStar the first time and got an Applebee's gift card (no fees attached to getting gift cards, just FYI).

June 23: View
I am doing Shakespeare in the Park again this year... although if it keeps raining like this, it might be more like Shakespeare in the Swamp.  This is one of my favorite evening views.  I just love how the sun highlights the field behind the trees.  If it weren't for bugs, I'd spend a lot more time in nature. :-P

June 24: In the Garden
I don't have a real garden with veggies, but I have a lovely little flower garden at my condo.  Last year, I planted these lovely little flowers.  I just love how big and full they've gotten and the yellow pop against the brick of my house.

June 25: Depth of Field
My coworker bought me these adorable little solar lights for my garden last year for Secretary's Day.  My favorite is this humming bird.

June 26: Gift
This was really a gift for myself... a souvenir from Hawaii, but the book behind it is a "gift" (i.e. loaner) from one of my theatre friends.  I love having friends that love reading and are willing to share the love!

June 27: Mini
I made kind of a big purchase this past week that involves these little mini-notebooks.  I might do a post on it when I actually receive the item.  I'll have to see how much time I have to get it set up.  People who aren't into journaling, planning, or writing might think it was stupid and frivolous... and maybe it is... but I have kind of adopted the attitude of "why not?"  This is the time in my life to invest in things that make me happy, right?  Stay tuned to see what it is.

(comment if you have a guess as to what I purchased)

June 28: Orange
I do like orange, but when I looked around me, I couldn't really find anything orange to photograph... until I sat down to eat a snack!  This "healthier" cheese puffs are in an orange bag.  Rest assured, I know that cheese puffs, even baked and gluten-free ones, are not GOOD for you, but they are gosh-darned tasty and I feel better about eating them than the regular Cheetos brand.

Well, that was nice.  I'm really excited for the 4th of July long weekend and hope that it is nice.  It's been raining like we live in Seattle recently.  I don't really mind it until it messes up my plans (like outdoor rehearsals and parties), so yeah, it can get sunny any day now.

Have a great week!  See you next Sunday (or Monday).

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