Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 30

There was a little scramble to get these photos in this week.  Opening weekend of our annual Shakespeare in the Park performance of "As You Like It" was this weekend, so that means that tech week was all of last week, but it got done and the show was great (despite the rain today.  Our audience members were troopers, though, and our cast did their best to work with the rain).  

One more weekend of shows coming up!  Hopefully the weather will be good and the crowds will be responsive.  Until then, we get a week break to recoup and get caught up on our lives before getting back to it.  Even though I'm not generally thought of as the "outdoorsy" type, I really enjoy participating in this type of show.  The style is so different and the weather and crowds keep you on your toes.  It's definitely a unique theatrical experience (that should not be missed, by the way.  Hint, hint.)

Enough of the shameless plugging.  Onto the week in photos.

July 20: Car
It's a little hard to see, but I decided to just sit in my car on my lunch break this day when a freak thunderstorm popped up.  It was a little scary for a couple of minutes with the wind, but it didn't stick around.

July 21: Real
This little bunny likes to pop out from under a bush and watch the final scene of our show.

July 22: Fake
This flower is shaped so perfectly, it almost looks fake.

July 23: Toy
One of my castmates gave everyone little notes with a sheep "toy" attached (because she is a shepherdess in the show).

July 24: Bloom
These pretty pink flowers are getting ready to bloom.

July 25: Two of Us
I've had these two stuffed animals on my bed since college.  They like to be together. :-P

July 26: Negative Space
My yellow lamp gives me a great subject for "artsy" photos.

Well, alrighty then!  I hope you enjoyed my photos and now I am off to have some wine, a snack, and head to bed early.  Have a fantastic week, everyone!

Prompts from Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day

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