Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 31

Ugh, I'm so behind!!  I knew this day would come, but I am determined to keep it going so that I have a whole year's worth of photos to document my year (even if some of the photos are a little pathetic).

I'm actually only a week behind, so I'm going to try to do double duty next week.  I've come up with a new system to document my prompts so that I can just cross them off as I take them, so hopefully that'll help me get back up to speed.

So I won't bore you with anymore of my ramblings.  Here are the photos I took for Week 31 during Week 32... because I'm awesome like that.

July 27: Clouds
There's nothing I like more than a blue sky with poofy white clouds.  Thankfully, we are finally seeing that now around here, after so many weeks of gray skies and rain.  I probably should not have picked this moment to take a photo of the sky, but um... I didn't wreck, so it's a win!

July 28: Looking In
This is one of the stray kitties that hangs around my parents' place.  We are pretty sure she was born under their porch, and she is just the most adorable little thing.  We call her Munchkin, because when she was a kitten she looked like she was one of that particular breed (with the stubby little legs and long body).  She's kind of grown out of looking exactly like a Munchkin cat, but she's still pretty tiny, so we call her that still.

July 29: Looking Out
Nothing real exciting here, but I do like how my parent's actual cat blends in with the floors.  It's amazing she doesn't get stepped on more often... oh wait, maybe that's because she's NEVER QUIET SO WE ALWAYS KNOW SHE'S THERE.

July 30: Trash
Hm... do I dare use my "Looking In" photo also for this prompt.  It does contain a trash can.

July 31: I Bought It
A distillery recently opened up in our town and is owned by some friends of a friend, so when they recently started making rum, we took a trip to taste test (trust me, we didn't get drunk.  It was literally just a test).  I was thinking that I had no rum at home, so I thought I'd buy some... then when I got home, I noticed that rather large bottle of Calico Jack Coconut Rum... I guess I need to buy some coke and start making some drinks. :-P

August 1: Fiction
I have been on a reading frenzy this year.  Right now, I'm reading "Orphan Train".  It's great so far.

August 2: A Little Moment
Coffee in my favorite mug/bowl.  It's the little things in life.

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